Getting Organized

Okay, a big move to suburbia and a big move to a new blog home all in one fell swoop. That means I’ve got a lot to do. Fortunately, things on the home front are pretty well settled in since we’ve been in our new place for about a week now. So that means I can figure out which projects are next up on the list (and therefore, which great things I can share with you). So without further ado, here’s a little sampling of what’s in store over the coming weeks here at Agrarian Revival.

– Green tomato pickles (a small batch from the Golden Nugget plants I grew this summer).

– 28 quarts (at least) of whole tomatoes canned in their own juice (from the lovely folks at Midnight Sun).

– Restocking the chest freezer with any corn and fruit I can still get at the farmers market.

– Home made pumpkin delights (I think I finally figured out how to reverse engineer the Little Debbies!).

– Sewing projects! Pants for Little Man’s first birthday party, an over-the-seat car organizer, and a coupon wallet are all on the immediate agenda.

– Painting a dinged up wood side table that we’re using in Little Man’s room – a splash of color will suit it just fine.

– Brewing another batch of two of beer. We’re down to the last few bottles of the last batch, so it’s high time to brew more!

There are a ton of other things on the long term list, but I think that will keep me busy for a few minutes. Be back soon to give you the details!


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