Tomatoes. Tired. Sleep.

A banner weekend here – 27 quarts of whole tomatoes with no added liquid and a gallon of juice. There will be photos of my haul, but not tonight. Sometimes I don’t know how our foremothers did it – because 27 quarts of tomatoes wasn’t cutting it for a big farm family back in the day. Probably triple that and it would be enough. Plus that quantity of beans, jams, jellies, pickles… oh lord. But for little suburban me, four batches in twenty four hours is a lot. So photos are coming. Details are coming. But right now I have to sleep!


2 thoughts on “Tomatoes. Tired. Sleep.

  1. Yowza! That is a haul! And I was feeling tired after only 8 pints of diced tomatoes and 10 pints of enchilada sauce. Hope you got some good rest.
    And I agree, I can’t imagine how they did it. Of course- there was such a thing as child labor. I remember my mom canning 20+ quarts of beans and guess who got to snap all those???


    • I slept like a log that night! Now I’m energized for the next thing on my to-do list – namely, photos of the hard work!

      Hahaha – oh yeah, I remember “getting” to help out with the beans when I was a kid too – sitting on the porch swing at my Great Grandmother’s farm and removing the string (nothing tastes better to me than an old-fashioned string bean) and snapping them into quarters.

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