Small Batch Sundays: Homemade Vanilla

I often find myself in the position of being too busy and/or too tired to accomplish a lot of the projects on my to do list. It can be really difficult to get motivated to do anything other than sit after a long day of being out working for pay, doing dinner and family time and helping out with housework. But I miss having the time and energy for the things I love to do, so I thought of the perfect way to kick start my motivation and fit projects back into my lifestyle – small batches. I was thinking of small batch canning specifically, but the concept can extend to anything – foodcrafting, sewing, knitting, crocheting – anything I want to do. A small batch project is one that can be completed in an hour or two. And my goal is to finish at least one small batch project per week, and post about it each Sunday.

This week’s project is incredibly simple – all I needed was some vodka (we’re not big vodka drinkers, but I keep a bottle on hand for exactly three things – home made vanilla, vodka chicken and the annual dirty martini I have in the summer), some vanilla beans and a jar.

I split the beans in half so that more surface area was exposed and plunked them in the jar. Then I filled it with vodka. It will sit in the back of dark cupboard for at least a month before it’s ready to use.



When it’s fully infused it’ll be a nice warm brown color and smell distinctly like vanilla extract. It’s a simple project – but a gratifying one. There’s nothing like home made vanilla in soft, chewy chocolate chip cookies!