A Little Piece of Land

Well, it’s official! I am the proud steward of a 400 square foot plot of dirt in our area’s local community garden! I couldn’t be more excited – I’ve never had so much space to work with. It’s a good thing I’ve already laid out my plans this year using Smart Gardener. I feel ready to go. Except in the planting department… I just started a bunch of tomatoes, peppers and kale in flats this weekend. If they do anything, they will be late-season tomatoes indeed. So I’ll likely end up purchasing starts for the tomatoes and peppers – time to start figuring out where the best place to buy them is. Our local farmers market doesn’t start until June, so I’m shopping around to see which farmers have farm stands that are selling selling locally. Second to that, I’m hoping to find a good local greenhouse or store where I can pick up what I need. If conditions dry out and warm up a bit, I’m hoping to get some things in the ground in the first week or two of May.