Settling In & Garden Planning

Well hello, hello. We are finally more or less settled in the new apartment. There are no more cardboard boxes piled everywhere, trash bags of clothing lurking in the closets or half-built furniture. Okay, mostly. Our bar is still a pile of pieces since we managed to lose all the bolts for it and haven’t gotten around to ordering replacement ones. But pretty much, we are settled in.

We’re getting into good routines with work, trips to the library, biweekly grocery shops, and all the mundane little tasks that make up everyday life. It feels good.

I think I’ve also managed to find a community garden in the vicinity where I can rent a plot – a humongous 400 square foot plot! Our town doesn’t currently have any community gardens, but I found one in the next town over, not far from where I catch the commuter train each day. It’s really cheap – $15.00 for non-residents for the season and five minutes from the train station, which would make it easy to pop over there for a little while each day when I get off the train. Cross your fingers I can get a plot – I have no idea how in demand they are, and non-residents can’t register until the middle of April, which is a full month after resident registration opens. So hopefully I can get in. I’m working on my planting schedules so I can be prepared to get everything in the ground right away if I’m lucky. And of course, I’ll have that posted for you to peruse soon.

I’m also working on a post about my massive to-do list for the apartment – it always takes awhile for everything to get to be the way you really want it after you move, so I’ve got a big project list. Including reupholstering two wing back chairs!


Getting Organized

Okay, a big move to suburbia and a big move to a new blog home all in one fell swoop. That means I’ve got a lot to do. Fortunately, things on the home front are pretty well settled in since we’ve been in our new place for about a week now. So that means I can figure out which projects are next up on the list (and therefore, which great things I can share with you). So without further ado, here’s a little sampling of what’s in store over the coming weeks here at Agrarian Revival.

– Green tomato pickles (a small batch from the Golden Nugget plants I grew this summer).

– 28 quarts (at least) of whole tomatoes canned in their own juice (from the lovely folks at Midnight Sun).

– Restocking the chest freezer with any corn and fruit I can still get at the farmers market.

– Home made pumpkin delights (I think I finally figured out how to reverse engineer the Little Debbies!).

– Sewing projects! Pants for Little Man’s first birthday party, an over-the-seat car organizer, and a coupon wallet are all on the immediate agenda.

– Painting a dinged up wood side table that we’re using in Little Man’s room – a splash of color will suit it just fine.

– Brewing another batch of two of beer. We’re down to the last few bottles of the last batch, so it’s high time to brew more!

There are a ton of other things on the long term list, but I think that will keep me busy for a few minutes. Be back soon to give you the details!